(I hope you read that in the style of Mrs. Doubtfire)


Welcome to my little slice of internet!

I'm Alex, a twenty-nine-year-old, tree hugging blogger living in a studio apartment in Sacramento, California with my high school sweetheart/bass guitarist husband Brandon, and our wee bern son, Isaac.

Tinted Green is a peek into my life as a denim wearing, planet loving, new mom running on hipster lattes.

The way I see it, we can slowly but surely tint our lifestyle with green habits. No need to move off the grid. No need to get rid of your trash can and replace it with a mason jar.

You'll find posts on capsule wardrobe style, motherhood, and my personal eco-friendly challenges here on the blog every Saturday and on my YouTube channel where I upload videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

A little more about me: I run on coffee, podcasts, and friendship.

I love warm weather, stripes, and watching TV. I know that’s a boring hobby, but give me a show about a group of friends finding their way through their mid-20s and I.am.there!

Thank you for being here! Come hang out with me on instagram for more day-to-day snippets! I’m @tinted_green ✌️


Photos by Jillian Gorman